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Miller Signs Architectural and Commercial Signs


Sign Design


    If you are unsure of how you would like for your sign to look, the Miller Signs Art Department can help.  We have highly skilled graphic artists on staff who will work with your thoughts and create unique designs tailored to best represent your business as well as conform to local jurisdictional requirements. Each client will be provided with highly detailed, scaled drawings and superimposed images of exactly how the desired signage will appear when complete. 

Our Services



  Miller Signs has a dedicated staff of project mangers and code specialists that work to ensure that your permitting requirements are met. Each jurisdiction sets its own list of requirements, including size limitations, sign types, lighting restrictions, and more. We design your signs to meet all of these requirements and obtain the permits, so that you do not have to.



    Miller Signs is a full manufacturing facility complete with metal fabrication and welding departments, industrial paint booth, router table, neon plant, and storage area. Automotive acrylic enamel paint is used to provide a nice finish that will last for years to come. Colors can be matched to specific Pantone Matching System colors to provide an exact match to what you want.



    Miller Signs has all of the necessary equipment for installation including crane trucks, buckets trucks, lifts, augers, coring drills, and more. We provide installation services for all of the signage that we manufacture.  Miller Signs provides installation services regularly for many of national account vendors located out of our local area as well.

Service and Repair

    There may be a time when your signage becomes damaged due to vandalism, strong winds, accidents, or just age and life.  Miller Signs will examine the extent of damage and determine the necessary repairs needed. If you have interior neon signage that becomes damaged or stops illuminating, you can simply bring it in to our shop and our neon department can repair on site. We have full capabilities to restore older historical signs back to new condition utilizing the same style of paint, materials, and craftsmanship to bring it back to its original condition.  Miller Signs has a dedicated crew of technicians to service signs all over the local area. If your signage is not lighting properly or you have parking lot lamps out, just give us a call and we can get out there and repair it.   Broken wires, burned out lamps, faulty ballasts, transformers are just a few of the common problems with older signage that our technicians repair daily.

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